Authorship and Сontributorship

The authorship policy of the journal follows the rules and guidelines of COPE, Elsevier аnd EASE.

All persons named as authors in the original article are expected to have made substantial contributions to the research.

All persons listed as authors must meet the criteria for authorship (ISMJE 2022), in particular they must:

  • make a significant contribution to the concept and methodology of research, collection, analysis and interpretation of data;
  • participate in writing or finalizing the article in terms of its intellectual content;
  • be responsible for all aspects of the work related to the accuracy or integrity of any part of the article;
  • approve the final version of the article.

The journal encourages authors to use the CrediT taxonomy.

The editors do not limit the number of authors of a specific publication, it is the responsibility of the co-authors, who must be guided by the requirements for determining authorship and co-authorship set forth in this part.

It is not allowed to change the authors of the article at the stage of its review by the editors. In the event of a dispute between the authors regarding their contribution after submitting the article to the editorial office, the editorial office suspends work on the article until the corresponding notification from the authors about the final resolution of all problems.


Three types of authorship are inadmissible:

  • "ghost" authors who do not make a significant contribution (often pay for the publication or are commercial sponsors of the publication);
  • "Guest" authors who do not make a significant contribution but are listed in the list of authors to increase the chances of publication;
  • "gifted" authors whose contribution is based solely on a weak affiliation with the research.

The order of placement of authors in the publication should be based on the joint decision of the co-authors according to the significance of each author's contribution.

Individuals who participate in research but do not meet the journal's criteria for authorship should be listed as either "Participants" or "Consultants" (Contributors). For example: persons who helped in the research with advice, provided research space, supported financially, etc.