Manifestations of triplet electronic excitations migration in ?-electron containing polymers




The results of spectral studies of polymers with aromatic side groups are considered and analyzed. In particular, the phosphorescence spectra of polyvinylcarbazole (PVCa) polyvinyl-7-benzocarbazole (PV7BK) polypropylcarbazole (PEPC) are presented and analyzed. The phosphorescence of these polymers has been shown to be related to the migration of triplet excitons in macromolecules. The phosphorescence of PVC is determined at 77by deep traps (oxides), at 4.2 -shallow traps (monomer units of PVCa). The spreading length of triplet excitons in PVCa macromolecules is 600 A – that corresponds to the average distances between adjacent traps in the macromolecule. There are no such traps in PV7BK macromolecules. The boundary conditions for triplet excitons in macromolecules of PV7BCa were used for evaluation the excitons spreading length. With this aim the dependence of phosphorescence spectra on molecular weihgt were studied The effect of changing of spectral positions of phosphorescence bands when exciton rich the end macromolecular cell was used. The average trip length of triplet excitons is approximately 1000 A. This distance is in fact limited by the probability of the meeting of triplet excitons in the macromolecule and their annihilation at a given excitation intensity.

Key words: polymers, phosphorescence, triplet excitons, deep and shallow traps.

Pages of the article in the issue: 242-245

Language of the article: Ukrainian


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