Regularities of flat cracks growth in plates




maximum tangential stress criteria, kinked crack


The general regularities of the influence of the geometric parameters of a fatigue crack on the direction of its growth in elastic plates under uniaxial tension were studied. Straight cracks, cracks in the form of a full cosine period, cracks in the form of a circle arc and kinked cracks were considered in a broad range of their geometric parameters variations. The direction of crack growth was determined in accordance with the criteria of maximum tangential (circumferential) stresses. The stress intensity factor of mode I and mode II of fracture were determined numerically using the finite element method. The obtained results made it possible to conclude that in the case of smooth crack faces, the direction of its growth primarily depends on the angle between the tangent at the crack tip and the direction of tension. It was established that the presence of a corner point of the faces near crack tip significantly affects the direction of crack growth in the case of small angles, between the tangent and the direction of tension. For such cases, numerically, it was not possible to achieve a continuous limiting transition in the results when the corner point approaches the tip. This circumstance complicates the issue of choosing the size of the initial crack growth step.

Pages of the article in the issue: 124 - 127

Language of the article: Ukrainian


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Differential equations, mathematical physics and mechanics