Automorphisms of Mackey groups




Automorphisms, anti-automorphisms, infinite simple finatary torsion group, Mackey group


We consider total subspaces of linear functionals on an infinite-dimensional vector space and the related Mackey algebras and groups. We outline the description of automorphisms of Mackey groups SL(V|W), O(f), and SU(f) over fields of characteristics not equal to 2, 3. Moreover, the paper explores the relationship between field automorphisms and automorphisms of the aforementioned groups.

J.Hall proved that infinite simple finitary torsion groups are the alternating groups on infinite sets or Mackey groups over a field, which is an algebraic extension of a finite field. J.Schreier and S.Ulam described automorphisms of infinite alternating groups. With the description of automorphisms of finitary Mackey groups and special finitary unitary Mackey groups we finish classification of automorphisms of all infinite simple finitary torsion groups over fields of characteristics not equal to 2, 3. The proof is based of description of automorphisms of elementary linear groups over associative rings that due to I.Golubchik, A.Mikhalev and E.Zelmanov.

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