Development of a Web Application Testing Automation Platform




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In the modern fast-paced world of web development, automated testing of web applications has become an integral part of the software development process. This article provides an overview of a platform for automating web application testing, which simplifies the process of creating, executing, and analyzing automated tests. The main components of the platform, their functional capabilities, and advantages are discussed.

One of the key components of this platform is a module for interacting with the web application, which provides a convenient way to control the browser and perform actions on web pages, such as navigation, form filling, clicking on elements, and more. This enables automated verification of various aspects of web application functionality and correctness.

Another important component is the reporting module, which ensures the collection and storage of test results. It allows for the creation of detailed reports on executed tests, identified errors, and other useful information. This module helps understand the state of the software, facilitates the detection of issues, and simplifies error reproduction.

The platform also includes a module for creating test data, which can be useful for generating random data, loading test datasets from databases or external files. This allows developers to create various testing scenarios and execute them on different data sets.

One of the key advantages of this platform is the ability to configure testing parameters for different projects and environments. Developers can set different configurations, such as browser types, versions, extensions, and utilities used, for each individual project. This allows for customization of testing according to specific needs and ensures maximum compatibility.

The platform also provides additional utilities to facilitate the testing process, such as integration with code repositories, version control systems, build automation, and deployment tools. This contributes to fast and efficient test execution, simplifies their integration into the development process, and improves overall software quality.

Overall, this web application testing automation platform provides developers with convenient tools that simplify the testing process, ensure high-quality software, and facilitate the rapid deployment of web applications.

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