Stability estimates in nonlinear differential equations of a special kind




mathematical model, stability, Lyapunov's second method, convergence, quadratic form


Quite a lot of works have been devoted to problems of stability theory and, in particular, to the use of the second Lyapunov method for this. The main ones are the following [1-7]. The main attention in these works is paid to obtaining stability conditions. At the same time, when solving practical problems, it is important to obtain quantitative characteristics of the convergence of solutions to an equilibrium position. In this paper, we consider nonlinear scalar differential equations with nonlinearity of a special form (weakly nonlinear equations). Differential equations of this type are encountered in the study of processes in neurodynamics [8,9]. In this paper, we obtain stability conditions for a stationary solution of scalar equations of this type. And also the characteristics of the convergence of the process are calculated. It is shown that the solution of stability problems is closely related to optimization problems [10-12].

Pages of the article in the issue: 67 - 71

Language of the article: Ukrainian


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